Comedy in the classroom? How improv can promote literacy

While improv comedy in the classroom might nurture your child’s stage talent, it’s also a highly effective way of teaching literacy

Raging Skies

Designing game-based science assessment for elementary classrooms

Anti-Islamophobic Curriculums

Resources to promote intercultural awareness in the K-6 classroom

Engagement from Elementary to Junior High

Understanding the factors influencing student engagement as they transition between grades

Learning Elementary Mathematics with Robots

Building number sense and arithmetic through programming robots

Seeing Math as More Than Numbers

How students think about math in elementary grades influences how they engage with the subject

Computer Modeling and Programming in STEM

Introducing computer modeling and  programming connects students with complex STEM curricula

Stories from the Notebook Margins

An exploration of students’ doodles and ‘off-task’ activity leads to new perspective on engaging students in Language Arts

Hearing (and Seeing) Feedback

Investigating how digital recordings can help students provide helpful feedback during writer’s workshops

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