Learning Sciences

Designing for Success

Werklund’s orientation program supports students in online learning

Authentic Math Assessment

Helping pre-service teachers grow their expertise in mathematics authentic assessment

Challenging Equivalency

Comparing international student achievement levels from different admissions pathways

Raging Skies

Designing game-based science assessment for elementary classrooms

Barriers to Technology Use

Lessons from the Technology and High School Success initiative

Technology in the Early Years

Helping teachers design appropriate and engaging technological experiences

Why Canada fails to be an education superpower

Almost 10 per cent of Canadian 15-year-olds do not have the science proficiency level required to participate fully in society

Getting Veedback

Using screencasts to improve feedback on student assignments

Learning Leaders

Mid-level leaders driving school innovation

Designing, Gaming, Learning

Teachers playing games to learn about game-based learning

Students as Game Designers

Middle school students learn STEAM disciplines through designing games

Online Learning Supports for Pre-Service Teachers

Participatory Online Learning Environment for Undergraduate Field Experience

Learning Elementary Mathematics with Robots

Building number sense and arithmetic through programming robots

When Friendship Matters in Math

For English Language Learners (ELLs) doing group work, who they work influences how they work

Computer Modeling and Programming in STEM

Introducing computer modeling and  programming connects students with complex STEM curricula

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