School and Applied Child Psychology

What happened to Asperger’s syndrome?

Dr. Adam McCrimmon discusses the use of the clinical term Asperger’s syndrome

Life After Service

How military Veterans see the transition to civilian life

Veterans’ Families

A look into the health and well-being of families of Canadian Veterans with mental health problems

Fourteen signs your daughter may have ADHD

Assessment scales for ADHD have been developed using mostly male research samples. As a result, the behaviours indicating ADHD in girls may not be what you expect

Elephant in the Room

Talking to children with ASD about their diagnosis

AMPing Up

Developing supports for university students with ASD

Supporting Students with SLD

Understanding the needs of students with specific learning disabilities (SLD)

Strengths Matter

Exploring positive development among Zulu youth

How Do Psychologists Assess Clients?

Understanding clinical reasoning skills to improve psychologist training

ADHD Coaching

Developing a training program for coaching adolescents and adults with ADHD

Vocational Training for Youth with ASD

Evaluating a job exploration program for youth with developmental disabilities

Engagement from Elementary to Junior High

Understanding the factors influencing student engagement as they transition between grades

Coping with Bullying

Exploring the coping strategies of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

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