Student Research

“We’re Doing This Together”

Counsellors developing and maintaining feminist identities

Bullying Outcomes

Coping with bullying: mental health outcomes of students with ASD

Meaning Making in Disasters

How parents talk to their children about the Fort McMurray wildfire

On My Own

Youth transitioning out of the foster care system

Making Technology Work

Gaining a broader perspective on technology use in the classroom

Teaching Quality Standard

What the revised Teaching Quality Standard means for new Alberta teachers

A “Productive Struggle”

Student perspectives on the Math 30-1 diploma exam

Enhancing Group Dynamics

How students’ math and gender identities impact their group work 

Supporting Syrian Students

How Alberta schools are responding to the needs of refugee students

Entrepreneurial Business Schools

How Alberta’s business schools and faculties are approaching entrepreneurship

Mathematics Assessment to Meet Needs

Designing assessments for students with mathematics learning disability

French Teachers & Technology

Successes and challenges with technology en français 

Am I A Good Teacher?

Helping teachers talk about what it means to be a ‘good’ teacher

In Other Words

The importance of vocabulary in high school academic achievement

(Im)Prove Your Theory

Creatively engaging students in a school science conference

Purposeful Play

Advancing a model for play-based pedagogy in early years’ learning

Responding to Vegan Students

Investigating the school experience of vegan youths

Why Are Millennial Teachers Leaving?

Investigating the factors influencing millennials to leave K-12 teaching

Vocational Training for Youth with ASD

Evaluating a job exploration program for youth with developmental disabilities

Building Welcoming Communities and Schools

Supporting newcomer youth now, and planning for sustainable futures

Putting Our Heads Together

Using peer collaborative writing to improve second language skills

Conversations for Accessible Education

Hearing the stories of students with vision loss to inform more accessible classrooms

Human Experience in Health Education

Does the new Health and CALM program of studies truly connect to holistic wellness?

Responding to LGBTQ Students in Schools

Helping teachers navigate mixed media messages and expectations

Hacking Music Education

Using programming to integrate music throughout K-12 education

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